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The key Esc will say goodbye in the new MacBook Pro. Was nice while lasted


Yesterday we showed you the first images of how touchscreen OLED the new MacBook Pro, a screen that banishes the sixth row of keys at the top of the keyboard and where Apple will also integrate a sensor of fingerprint that will allow us to unlock your device in addition to verify our identity when we make purchases and pay them through Apple Pay. This new panel touch OLED us will allow configure access direct both to applications as to those shortcuts of keyboard that more use. It also banishes the Esc key, to which many users, mainly rookies, resort when they don’t know where it has gone.

But all is not lost. With the advent of macOS Sierra, Apple offers us the possibility to configure any other key on our keyboard to make the function of this key. In earlier versions of macOS, could resign the caps lock key, Control key, option key and command key by each other between that perform those same functions, i.e. could change the key caps to make the action of CMD and vice versa. However, he was not the choice of re-allocating the Esc key.

After the release of the last version of macOS 10.12.1 can resign the key Esc so that function it can perform with any other button of the keyboard. This function is ideal for when they begin to reach the market the new MacBook Pro and users are extremely dependent on this key, not only serves to exit full screen YouTube videos.

Retrieve the ESC in the new MacBook Pro


  • First we go to the system preferences.
  • Click on keyboard.
  • In the first tab to appear click on keys of modification.
  • Now we have to select that key we want to use to make the role of Esc.

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