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The Lab, 30 users will test the OnePlus 3 before being released would be you?


The Chinese company is without a doubt one of the prominent before entering the month of June and is that we cannot deny that he is one of the best specialists in marketing. This time what they show us is, The Lab, a program that will take the new terminal from which almost all the details in the network, are filtering OnePlus 3 to 30 users who touched it before anyone. Even before the terminal is put on sale officially.

The truth is that carry out such tests with users before launching a terminal may be a double-edged weapon, but ultimately we all know the firm and we have no doubt that this is a good maneuver to get more attention from the media and users, these last much more since they will be the possible testers of this device before being launched.

And is that OnePlus wants that 30 people outside the company receive the terminal before anyone registering on the website dedicated to this “testing”laboratory. Best of all is that anyone can be the lucky this new terminal OnePlus tester. You can directly access the registration on the web that are dedicated and have 4 days before registration closes.

On the other hand it should be noted that more defects that can be found to the terminal of the Chinese company once in the hands of these 30 testers, little or no we believe will change the device. More that nothing is obtained before anyone else and besides free terminal * The asterisk is basically by that conditions (small print) puts the company reserves the right to ask the terminal when you want to, which on the other hand we doubt to… do you feel to participate?

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