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The last problem that affects the Pixel is related to bluetooth

Google Pixel

Since the launch of the new terminal of Google, the Pixel and Pixel XL, in addition to the availability of this terminal in the world, Mountain View-based company is seeing how its devices are having all sorts of problems. We previously discussed this terminal with the battery, the camera and the sound problems. I believe that no other terminal launched these past years the market has had so much problems in such a short time, if we don’t have the account the withdrawal of the Galaxy Note 7 of the market a month of its launch for problems that I am not going to detail and that we all know only too well.

All these problems most mentioned above, add one more, one that is related to the bluetooth connectivity of the Pixel and Pixel XL model. Apparently and according to inform a large number of users at Reddit, bluetooth disconnects automatically without any user intervention. Much they claim that this happens mostly at night. This problem has begun to be reported from a few days ago, just as the Mountain View-based company launched the month of February security update.

If the problem is related to this latest update, it has easy solution and likely Google to solve it in a few days, or else do as with the previous problem with the sound, wait for the monthly update to fix this, a wait that if owner of a Pixel wouldn’t do me no grace. As it is usual in this type of problems, Google has not recognized this problem yet, but presumably that eventually it has click and release the corresponding update independently or grouped in corresponding to monthly security updates.

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