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The LG G6 not be modular

After the failure of sales that you meant to LG its model G5, is are running to return to those phones without parts interchangeable the next year.

LG surprised everyone by introducing the G5 and its “Friends”. A luck of accessories mountable in the part low of the phone that added functions, as a DAC of audio, a module of camera and… and not much more, since the version IS that brought to South America had with a processor of range half that not hold it reality virtual.

In principle seemed a good idea, an innovation view in counted occasions, but that to the time of arrive to the market, it made to a price very high for the consumer and their use not was be it sufficiently attractive.

He terminal, despite count with reviews mostly positive, not ended of convince to the public, within them critical are your finish of painting on aluminum that is felt very plastic, some problems in the body of the team concerning the anchor of the part lower and the button home that is felt something “loose”.

Given the above, and with the precedent of the good reception that had LG V10 in its time as the LG V20 today, is that the company plans to return in glory and Majesty with the G6 LG next year, taking a traditional yet innovative design but loaded with the latest specifications for return to the podium of the high-end is ever held.

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