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The manufacturer of the new Blackberry phones could be TCL


Last week we have known that Blackberry will release a new device, a device or more which will be Android and not Blackberry OS but not we met new details about this release that will take place in July. However, last Sunday we saw how a Blackberry phone received the wifi certification.

This certification gives free rein to the device is sold, but still the most characteristic is that phone will manufacture it with TCL in conjunction with Blackberry, according to the documentation.

Many are running that this Blackberry terminal will be a rebranding of the famous Idol 4 Alcatel since TCL is also responsible for making mobile phones Alcatel, however this not will know until its release since that TCL does not usually incorporate physical keyboards as Blackberry does to their terminals.

TCL has made other famous terminals such as Alcatel Idol 4

The phone that has appeared in the wifi certification seems to relate to Blackberry Hamburg, a phone with a big screen, but with a hardware not so powerful that it would be commanded by a 617 Snapdragon and 3 Gb of ram, what would the new Blackberry smartphone price more affordable than the famous Balckberry Priv, though all of this is nothing more than a conjecture based on a certification Wifi as well may have no relationship with the imminent release that Blackberry will be coming soon. I.e. can the new terminal that talks about certification is not released now, but in another date, and although it may be Blackberry Hamburg, now may see Blackberry Rome which still many things unknown.

Personally I think that TCL will create Blackberry, unless your hardware phones. Not in vain warned managers of Blackberry and the path of the abandonment of the mobile by Blackberry has started, now well will be the new TCL terminals with the expectations of the users of Blackberry or maybe not? do you you think?

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