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The market of them video games in the PC is more profitable that in the consoles, at least in 2016


A few years ago, began to circulate a new term called was post-PC, which announced the beginning of the end of the PC, in favor of tablets. But as the years have gone by, we have seen, although many already knew it, that tablets would never be the substitute for a PC or Mac (you have to put it also in the same out), since we limit when it comes to be able to perform the same tasks that provided our use is not much users on a computer, : Facebook, Twitter, email and some that another web page. Apple it has tried in several occasions throwing a model Pro of the model iPad, but according to is has shown, them tablets continue being what have been until now, a device to consume content, little more and where the productivity leaves much that wish.

The more hardcore gamers have different options on the market when it comes to enjoying your favorite games, either console or through a PC. According to the last report of Super Data, the sector of the PC generated 35,800 million of dollars while the sector of them video games destined to the consoles, generated 6,600 million of dollars, a 442% less that in them PC.

Consoles manufacturers, try to retain its loyal fans, trying to reach agreements to keep titles exclusive only found on your device, but it seems that it is not enough and PC users that have a wider range of titles, but also suffer from the problem of adaptations, some adaptations of games consoles that sometimes leave much to be desired.

But which actually wins the battle in the market of them video games, still being the smartphone, that has generated more than 40.600 million of $. Secure that although them games in the smartphone not are it yours, have heard talk this year of Pokemon GO, a game that has beaten all them records incurred and by having in the industry of them video games for smartphones. Despite these figures, manufacturers such as Nintendo, still insist on not adapting their classics to smartphones, and it prefers to launch new updates as it is the case of Super Mario Run, an endless runner who has had positive and negative criticism in equal parts, both by the methodology of game as the price of the same.

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