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The mini game of “Steve, jumping dinosaur” Chrome arrives as widget to your cell

If ever you are out internet just by entering Google Chrome, surely you met “Steve, jumping dinosaur”, the mythical game hidden from the browser. In this we use a small dinosaur to Dodge obstacles in the form of cactus Flappy Bird style.

The mini game became so popular that it became an application for mobile phones and now also it is possible to play it as widget up the applications menu centered on notifications in iOS and Android, even without having to unlock the phone.


The game is very easy to play and very addictive, hence comes its popularity, so as when run offline on your PC and you kill time, you can play with Steve at any time on your cell phone without the need to open the application.


Even if you download the app to place the widget on the desktop, which is available in the virtual stores of every mobile device in a way free. In the version of iOS comes a kind of tutorial to help you install it in the notifications, on the other hand on single Android just press the button “launch floating window”.

  • Download Steve, the jumping on the App Store and Google Play dinosaur.

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