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The MIT scientists evolve your interface for control of robots with the mind


MIT back in the news today because that team of engineers and scientists, specifically the laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and computer science, has just introduced a new interface so that anyone can communicate with a robot through the mind.

Before continuing, let know you that this type of interfaces are not yet fully developed, making it to the main for the time being, the most advanced are only able to translate very simple commands so that a robot can understand them. In the case of MIT, has been that anyone can correct a robot before possible action that is running in that moment with the mind.

MIT talks about the new evolution that has had its humano-robot interface.

The proposed system is basically what makes any person who is aware of the work being done by a robot can tell you whether the action that is running in a particular process is correct or not.

Perhaps the most interesting platform developed by these engineers from MIT is that all that has been achieved through a system of artificial intelligence which evaluates in real time classified brainwave into a time range between 10 and 30 milliseconds.

According to Daniela Rus, maximum responsible of this lab within MIT:

Imagine being able to instantly tell a robot to do something without having to type a command, press a button or even say a Word.

Look at the robot, the only thing you have to do is to think if what it does is right or wrong. You don’t have to train yourself to do it in a certain way, the machine adapts to you, and not backward.

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