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The NES Classic Mini reaches one million and a half units sold despite the lack of stock

New Classic Mini

Nintendo is today one of those companies that manages to sneak between leading holders of any website or newspaper. And it is that the Japanese company is giving much to talk about lately, by the release of Super Mario Run, by the official presentation of the new Nintendo Switch or your look to its glorious past with the NES Classic Mini.

For those who don’t know it, it is a miniature version of the original NES, which for many was the first Console to which we could play for hours. Its price is one of its great attractions that can be purchased for 59.99 euros, although the lack of stock is difficult very much the be able to get one at that price. Sales, according to Nintendo, and despite all the regrets are already located in the million and a half units sold.

This NES Classic Mini comes with 30 installed games, including; The Legend of Zelda Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Kid Icarus, Pac-Man, Mega Man 2, Super Mario Bros., Galaga or Castlevania, although we have already seen how some users have been able to put more games coming to introduce the complete catalog of this console that exceeded the 700 games.

Nintendo appear to be working you really well this return to the past, he has done, although eit could emerge even better if it had been a success as it is taking and would have risked to bring to market many more units of the NES Classic Mini.

If you are hoping to get one, stay very tuned to Amazon where time goes out new stock, which unfortunately does not usually last long.

Are you one of the more than one million users already enjoy your Classic NES Mini?.

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