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The new HDMI standard will allow conversion to USB-C native


Intel is one of the main drivers of the USB-C technology even preparing, as they have announced, a new standard of audio that supposedly will no longer be using devices equipped with a jack of 3.5 mm as well as a new video standard that achieve higher productivity in people. Now this technology could have received new impetus following the publication of the new standard published by the HDMI Licensing.

For you do not know it, the HDMI Licensing is the agency responsible for dictating the rules within the HDMI. With this in mind Let’s released standard known asHDMI Alt Modewhich literally opens up manufacturing cables HDMI to USB-C, a breakthrough which will end the need for all this kind of adapters manufactured by third parties.

HDMI Licensing gives a new boost to USB-C technology

As he has been published, thanks to this new standard literally will be allowed that any device USB-C, such as tablets, smartphones, cameras, computers… can connect directly to an HDMI port this for example in a screen, monitor or projector to send video and audio signals using only a certified cable it will bring the certainty that is compatible with a wide range of devices.

The objective of this standard lies in the need that today day have them manufacturers of incorporate to them different devices them ports HDMI Type C known as Mini HDMI or the HDMI Type D or Micro HDMI and especially the use of different cables for each one of them. With the release of this standard can be use of the typical and famous HDMI Type A, at the same time the best known, making all the tablets, smartphone and other teams only have to incorporate a port USB-C.

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