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The new Moto E could be just around the corner


We have already known the new Lenovo G bike, we have also known the new Moto x, but and the new Moto E? do we know him? Because so far we’ve seen like in GFXbench appeared the specifications of a so-called new smartphone that could correspond to the new Moto E.

And since then we have not known anything so far. Recently has appeared a documentation of the Wi-Fi Alliance that would indicate that the new terminal would be ready to sell in stores. We have not only confirmed its existence but that we have also confirmed their nickname: Moto E3 Power.

The new Moto E will be known as Moto E3 Power, according to the documentation

It is clear that the new Moto E will have wifi and bluetooth, but what more? If we take into account all the information we can say that Moto E3 Power will have a Mediatek’s quad-core processor, a 5 inch 2 Gb memory ram and HD display. It will also have 16 Gb of internal storage and two cameras, a front camera of 5 MP and an 8MP rear camera.

Regarding the battery, Moto E new will have a 3,500 mAh battery. Know the price as well as the release date, but since recently that presented the G4 bike by about $200, everyone thinks that this new bike E will have one lower price, possibly than ronde $ 100 and would be submitted in the month of September, in the face of the school year and return from vacation.

Of course the new Moto E will not be the technological revolution but if that will be a revolution for the pockets as will offer the latest Android for a price very interesting or at least so is expected, but can it compete with the Android One program or maybe not,you you think?

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