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The new OnePlus 3 will be available without an invitation

OnePlus 3

Yesterday talking about this device of the Chinese company OnePlus to share with you the project who are planning to undertake, called The Lab, in which 30 users may receive the new terminal until it goes on sale in an official way. Today the news is related to the new terminal of signature but in another subject and invitations for the purchase is, it seems that this time we will not need these “happy” invitations to get to the terminal, you can buy directly.

So far, and in the absence of the launch and official presentation of this OnePlus 3 which will be held next June 14, is expected to be put on sale a few minutes later without passing by the task of getting an invitation. This time it seems that we get rid of it.

The truth is that for the first model the number of users who were waiting to be performed on the terminal, generated even purchase sale of invitations. In the second version of the OnePlus, OnePlus 2, the demand was not so high or improved stock and that it led to invitations which were also necessary for the purchase of the device were not so sought after.

The truth is that this time the flagship of the company will be available shortly after arising and the range of available terminals safe that he satisfies the most eager to get their hands OnePlus 3. Es a good news that this invitation system go down in history…

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