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The new standard as well is for Bluetooth 5

Bluetooth 5

We won’t have to wait too long to get to know the new version of Bluetooth 5 since according to the body responsible for developing the specification of this wireless standard, Bluetooth SIG, just communicate that this new version will be made official and public the next day June 16, 2016, date in which all the specifications and improvements shall be public, meanwhile , we must comply with a series of advances more than interesting.

According to the communicated officially, we find that new Bluetooth 5 will be much faster transmissions, in turn, to increase coverage and offering even new functions for offline technologies. This basically means that finally 5 Bluetooth will be uniquely suited to working with beaconsor balises in Spanish. Have this meaning? Basically that it will finally send information and publicity to the devices to be detected or come near to certain emission points.

Bluetooth 5 quadruple the speed of transmission with coverage that will bend to the Bluetooth 4.0 standard

Personally I must confess that I am of those who think that already suffer an exaggerated flood of publicity around the Central magnificent of our lives as that over they saturate us mobile with even more, not in vain, and despite the fact that the new 5 Bluetooth will be prepared for it, hopefully there is a way to block this system of beacons. An example clear we have it in technologies such as iBeacon and how with the passage of time his fame is has been diluted in the mobility segment.

On the other hand, what if it is truly interesting and sure that you will like in the new standard Bluetooth 5 is the speed of transmission since, as promised, this will be up to four times faster than the current one. As a gift, remember only that in Bluetooth 4.0 throughput reaches 24 Mbps what in this new version should mention transfer rates close to 100 Mbps with ranges of coverage that bend to the previous.

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