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The new target of Xiaomi is have 1,000 stores physical in the next 4 years

Xiaomi tienda

Xiaomi has grown exponentially in these last years and has been the guilty of all that avalanche of smartphones Chinese that have arrived to some prices very tight. Those prices adjustments not have State to reluctantly with what means a great finish and high quality in its components, but to the reverse.

Is now when Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, has declared that for the next 4 years will have 1,000 stores physical as a form of counter them movements of the competition, as has happened with Oppo and live to the subtract les sales through those channels online where it company Chinese knew give in the nail.

Was in the channel online where Xiaomi hit strong with those sales in which is recorded hundreds of thousands of users to almost fight is online with them sales flash in which in seconds is left without stock. This got that the desire by get a Xiaomi is will increase and is wait to the next sale flash with many desire. The problem is that others you have copied, live and Oppo, and now not sold both through those channels online as in previous years.

By what the strategy is pass by having more stores physical that those 25 with which has right now the company china. MIL will be which will, if all goes well, by the year 2020, although what they do not know if they will be all in Chinese territory, or assail other countries. If we know that Huawei has 10,000 in this country, we can already imagine where want to settle Xiaomi.

We will see where this possible expansion into the American market or European is, since at the moment by the online channel are many who acquire the Xiaomi, so although sell us the bike’s arrival, it seems that there is still so that we can try spot one of those mobile so striking.

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