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The next version Chrome for desktop, will limit the use of plug-ins

Along the year 2016, Chrome has got take off is in the classification as browser more used in all the world, in its version for desktop, passing of the 50% of share, while Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge has fallen in chopped by the lack of innovation of its browser, innovation that is taking more than it expected initially. Now that Google dominates the market, the Chrome is going to start making changes, to the community you will not like a hair, since they are related to plug-ins, do not confuse with the extensions. The plugins of Chrome us allows activate or disable the use of Flash or the opening of files PDF with the browser by put some examples simple.

But everything seems to indicate that Chrome 57 will restrict the use that the users can make plugins, so that we will not be able to manage or customize the use we make of Chrome, losing all control had so far from it and that has been, in part, one of the main reasons why the has become the King of the market. Currently if you want to modify the use of plug-ins in Chrome we accessed through chrome://plugins/ and mark or unmark the boxes.

This restriction will force us to use Chrome to open PDF files when you download them from your browser and will not allow us to uninhabited Media DRM encrypted extensions. If this limitation is finally carried out, Chrome will not fail to be the King of the market, since many are users who do not make use of plugins to customize the operation of your application, but it is very likely that for those that we make use of multiple browsers by their specifications, we finally move to Firefox, leaving aside almost entirely to Chrome.

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