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The Nexus Sailfish will have a Snapdragon 820 in your interior


Each time we know more things about the new HTC Nexus, however still do not know how these models will actually be called. However the latest news are more interesting for the user that is thinking in buy a terminal so the name end.

Apparently leaked a device HTC Sailfish build.prop file that would tell us only the screen size and processor to be used, something that will be completely reliable because it wouldn’t make sense to recreate another phone with another processor. In this case, the Sailfish HTC will have at its heart the 820 Snapdragon Qualcomm, a processor that is more and more present in high-end mobile phones and also middle range mobiles.

The 820 Snapdragon and 4 Gb of ram will give all the power to the new Nexus Sailfish

So, the new Sailfish HTC will have a Snapdragon 820 accompanied by 4 Gb of ram, what does have a powerful yet economical setting for the time of its release. On the other hand, we have also known and confirmed the display and its resolution. While the resolution FullHD is maintained, not so is will keep the size of the screen. Initially, we knew that the Sailfish HTC would have a 5 inch screen, corresponding to the current Nexus 5 p but really the terminal screen is 5.2 inches, a size slightly more than expected.

This could be an indication that HTC will stop using the physical buttons on the Nexus and as well between the area of virtual buttons and the screen would add the 5.2 inches, but it is also true that many terminals no longer make that and leave those 5.2 inches for the entire screen with physical buttons.

In any case, them new Nexus are more closely that never as HTC already is working in it version Android that will take these terminals, one of the last steps before the launch. So it soon we may have new mobiles in the market do not you think?

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