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The Nintendo Switch does not save the entries in the microSD

Nintendo Switch

Increasingly, users who are receiving and enjoying the new Nintendo console and are increasingly more complaints which are experiencing some of them, seeing as some basic functions of other consoles are not available in the Nintendo Switch. It seems that Nintendo wants to be on everyone’s lips, but talk about bad console, said Don Quixote, who speak of my albeit poorly. Apparently Nintendo Switch only allows you to store items in the internal memory of the same, and there is no possibility to transfer them to a microSD card, necessary if or to qualify for more than one game at a time, due to poor storage that offers us the serial console, 32 GB.

But this is not the only bad news that is not doing grace to the users of the new Nintendo console, since the Japanese company does not make use of bluetooth headsets, forcing us to having to use headphone jack, something incomprehensible and which is available on most consoles on the market, as well as the possibility of keeping the progress of items in an external drive or microSD card.

Apparently the microSD is only intended to be able to download games, nothing more, and can thus meet the space so small that incompressible offers console, a space, a space that is not real, because a quarter of it is occupied by the OS console. It is expected that Nintendo will take due note of all these absurd limitations and will fix them by means of an update, unless you want to see how Nintendo Switch becomes the second generation of the U Wii, a console that went without penalty or glory in the market.

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