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The Nubian N1 ZTE appears by surprise with interesting hardware


ZTE is a manufacturer Chinese that makes devices at low cost with features interesting. While it is true that ZTE managed to become infamous due to the poor quality of its materials, we must bear in mind that they were low-cost devices, and times have changed. Now we find that all the brands are capable of manufacture in materials very interesting. The Nubian N1 ZTE appears by surprise with interesting hardware, a battery that leaves stunned many, with no less than 5,000 mAh would like to know more about the ZTE Nubian N1? Passes and you have all that know.

It’s funny, because it is a very interesting device, however, ZTE did not want to make too much noise with their release. The first aspect that draws our attention is its 5000 mAh battery, a battery is not removable, and that ZTE promises us three days, you read correctly, three days of autonomy. On the other hand, the device moves it a MediaTek called helium P10, processor processor with eight cores designed by and for the mid-range, as almost all the of MediaTek devices.

If what concerns you is the RAM memory, it is also the height, 3 GB of RAM, accompanied by 64GB of internal storage. In the camera found 13 Mpx with stabilization optic. In terms of design, we have a fairly stylish, that make us think much, much, metallic design to the design of the iPhone. The device will be really cheap, around 255 euros, and it is this type of marks that run Android increasingly are introducing more potent and cheaper models, starts to lose meaning to buy high-end devices if we are to make a classic use of the device, or if not you spare us the money basically. With regard to the colors, find grey space and golden.

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