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The only valid antivirus for Windows is Windows Defender, natively integrated anti-virus

Viruses form an intrinsic part of the navigation on the internet practically since before its inception. I have many years in this computer, since it was user of MS-DOS and DR-DOS was always the runrún of the virus, while at that time Internet not had become the giant that is now. At that time the different pirates who were selling games and applications could include some virus that formatted your computer, block it or anything else. Over time viruses have evolved a lot by adopting the Internet and currently the malware, spyware and ransomware are weapons that can be put at risk, not only our team, but also our most valuable information.

Norton and McAfee are the older anti-virus, which not the best that can currently be found. But according to Robert O’Callahan, a former Mozilla engineer, the only antivirus that is really worth is Windows Defender antivirus that is installed on all computers natively since the arrival of Windows 8.1. But it seems that it is not the only one who assures him, because other safety engineer who works in the development of Chrome, Justin Schuh says exactly the same thing.

According to Robert there is no real proof that the antivirus applications available in the market will improve the security that offers Windows Defender. It must keep in mind that Windows Defender is integrated into the system and any other applications AntiVirus installed may not be as effective as it is the native. Robert advises that if you have an antivirus it uninstall and only make use of the native.

A few months ago the head of Karspersky said that the European Union should examine whether Microsoft is violating anti competition laws to include an antivirus application on the latest versions of Windows, something that surely is doing great damage to computer security companies. Damage that is also accented with the statements of this Mozilla and Chrome engineer engineer.

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