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The personal assistant of amazon, Alexa, is integrated into the Core Pebble


Pebble last week announced a complete refresh of your devices, releasing new models with sensors that many people needed to be able to use these smartwatches as quantifiers, at least in part. But in addition it also launched the Core Pebble, a device that engages the clothing with a clip and allows us to enjoy music while we exercise.

He also presented the Pebble Core Hacker, designed so that users to schedule it so he can do whatever he wants as a car ask über, open the garage door, turn on the House lights… Pebble again turned to support in a kickstarter campaign, something that I just do not understand how you will allow being Pebble a consolidated company and carrying several years on the market. But that is another issue.

The Core Pebble with a very similar size to the iPod Shuffle from Apple, dt of connection 3 g, WiFi, GPS, bluetooth and is compatible with playlists for Spotify, making it the ideal companion for jogging leaving our smartphone at home.  If it was little everything we offered, Pebble and Amazon just announced that Alexa, the personal assistant from Amazon will be integrated into the Core Pebble.

Thanks to this Alliance can control the main functions of the device using voice commands, such as for example that put this or that list of reproduction, that read us newspapers titutales, traffic alerts, open or close doors, turn on or turn off lights. It is curious that single Pebble include the Amazon Wizard in this device and not in the smartwatches of the company where would make much more sense to make use of it as we make use of Siri in the Apple Watch. Thanks to Siri, we can control almost all the options of the Apple Watch only with voice commands.

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