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The price of the 3 OnePlus that certainly will not leave you indifferent filters

OnePlus 3

OnePlus presenting the new OnePlus 3 next June 15 in China, being still on 14 June in Europe by the time difference, is getting us all to focus on this new mobile device thanks to the ongoing leaks and rumors. Of course, features and specifications also have interest in this smartphone is much greater.

Also in the last hours the final price that new flagship OnePlus hit the market and this has done no more than shoot the interest of many users has leaked. And is that, always according to the rumors, new OnePlus 3 it would sell in the market in its most basic version with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage internal by 1,999 Yuan or what is the same 270 euros.

This price is no doubt far than almost everyone expected and is that while the OnePlus hit the market offering terminals at greatly reduced prices, with the passage of time has been raising Batten, something that not too convinced nearly anyone. With the launch of the 3 OnePlus Chinese manufacturer seems determined to return to its origins and to offer a smartphone with a juicy price.

At the moment we still don’t know the price of the other versions of this OnePlus 3, which according to rumors could come with 4 or 6 GB of RAM and 32, 64 or 128 GB of internal storage. Will accompany you in all cases the powerful processor Snapdragon 820, a screen of 5.5 inch Full HD and a 16 Megapixel which up to the CEO of OnePlus camera not has resisted showing off in the network of networks.

How about the price which will be in the market the new OnePlus 3?.

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