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The production of the Surface Phone could begin the month that comes


Since Microsoft will present the new Surface Studio and the renewal of the Surface Book, much we are talking about the rumors that carry around to Microsoft about the possibility of the guys from Redmond to extend Surface range by launching a new device on the market, a mobile device than it would to replace the extinct Lumia range, range that has slowly been disappearing from the market in recent months. Yesterday same I inform you of the possibility of that this new smartphone is managed by the new processor Snapdragon 835, manufactured and designed almost to parties equal by Qualcomm and Samsung.

However, other rumors are running that Microsoft intends to bring to market a device that had the option of running desktop applications and that it would be managed between 6 and 8 GB of RAM. While leaks more information about this device, since the publication Commercial Times announces that Microsoft could begin production next month of this new device, the Surface Phone, that Microsoft wants to surprise the audience as it did days ago when he presented the Surface Studio, this fantastic all-in-one, which escapes from the pocket of many users.

Apparently Pegatron, usual manufacturer of Apple products, would take over the manufacture of the devices. All those rumors are running that Microsoft would have in mind launch this new device throughout the year that comes. The guys from Redmond, rely on this device as almost the last chance for Windows 10 Mobile to plunge in the market of mobile phones, a market in the practically does not exist, due to the market share that is currently less than 1%, in 0.5%, nothing encouraging data and which will cost Microsoft a lot work to recover.

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