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The Raspberry Pi Zero W it’s official and you can have it for only $10

Raspberry family has a new Member that yesterday was presented officially and that no doubt has called very much attention around the world, mainly by its price which has been located in 10 dollars. The Raspberry Pi Zero W, which is how the new device, called has the size of a credit card and an enormous amount of options and possibilities.

Including a track name gives it and the “W” refers to the “wireless connectivity” or what is the same thing the many connections that offers us something that all users will appreciate greatly.

Then we are going to do a review for the key features and specifications of the new Raspberry Pi Zero W;

  • Broadcom BCM2835 processor with a 1 GHz kernel
  • 512MB RAM memory
  • String of 40-pin
  • Slot for microSD card
  • Mini HDMI output 1080/60 p
  • CSI connector for camera
  • Support for connection WiFi 802. 11n and Bluetooth 4.0

Raspberry Pi Zero W

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has decided to raise the bar with its new device, in what refers to performance, but also in terms of the price which goes from 5 to 10 dollars, although in both cases is a bargain price, mainly due to the possibilities offered by this little device.

Also now you can also purchase new housing, more compacticas than ever, and that you can use at any time if you want to protect your little device.

You’ve already ready $ 10 to buy the new Raspberry Pi Zero W?.

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