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The result of the research of Note 7 is know in December

All know about the amount of incidents that surrounded to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but while have existed theories about the why, are just that, theories. Even Samsung has taken desperate measures as bumping the batteries to a maximum 60% of load and even leave them unusable remotely.

Samsung vowed to make public the results of the study indicate why these computers accurately set themselves even without being charged. At first he suspected a problem of defective batteries, which obviously was not the problem since there would be solved in the first recall that made the company. Likely due to a problem of design and battery, but surely porte is a mixed cause and not an only causal. All this will know in December or January.

Recall that the team was discontinued and taken out of the market, making it a federal crime carrying one of these teams up an airplane.

Now Samsung concentrates its efforts in the S8 Galaxy, which presumably will have a version type phablet for widows and widowers of the brand’s largest terminal.

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