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The reviews of the Play Store us will allow rate of form independent them aspects of those games


The store of applications of Google, always is has characterized by offer a large number of applications and games, games that in many occasions are clones of other games more representative. To try to facilitate to the users of this platform, Google is going to change the way in which the games can give it. Currently Google Play only us allows rate of form global all the features that us offers a game, leaving space in the reviews so write what not us like.

It is not the same Asphalt extreme graphics with 5-star rating and playability with 4-star rating form joint with a 5 game only because with spectacular graphics. This new form of power rate them games, that currently is found in phase of test in a number limited of users, us will allow rating of form independent as are them controls of the game, as is the experience of game and finally which is the quality graphic of the application.

Continuing with the previous example, Asphalt Extreme is a game that offers us no doubt 5 graphics. However, if we talk about the experience of play with so many happy shopping in-app, the low score considerably (particularly not would put you more than one 2). Concerning the controls, not are the best but nor are bad, by which in my opinion it puntuaría with a 4.

Google will be the first app store that will allow us to independently assess different features of the games available, a new feature that will help users decide when they are looking for opinions based on the game in question. Although obviously, trolls can make supports and begin to vote negatively to try and influence on general assessments.

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