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The S8 Galaxy battery would be manufactured by Apple supplier

Although all indications are that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the big absentee at the Mobile World Congress 2017 (MWC), it does not stop leak information about this device as if your presentation is much closer than expected.

Now the latest report seems to have a direct relationship with the uncomfortable history of Galaxy Note 7, since Samsung would have decided to change battery supplier with the Galaxy S8, to work with the guys at Japanese Murata Manufactoring, the same that make internal components for newer iPhone models and that now also would be responsible for partial new Terminal Samsung.

According to a report by Android Soul, Samsung engineers would have made negotiations with executives of Murata to mount the production of batteries for the S8 Galaxy in all its variants.

The most recent rumors about that point claim that Galaxy S8 would be marketed in two basic models, one with battery mAh 3,250 and another, probably the Galaxy S8 Edge, with a considerably larger of 3,750 mAh battery.

The obvious intention of Samsung is not to repeat what happened with the Galaxy Note 7, so the battery supplier change seems a sensible move.

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