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The S8 Galaxy could reach the market days after their presentation

Samsung Galaxy S8

Most mobile phone manufacturers have craze launched their devices by countries or regions gradually over time, so there is never a way that everyone can enjoy from the first day of the latest model from a manufacturer. The only one that currently launches its new models shortly after its presentation and several countries together is Apple, but seems to be not the only one, since Samsung seems to want to change your strategy and it is manufacturing Galaxy S8 to be able to launch the model as soon as possible after his presentation and international, as well as Apple.

According to the website, based in Viet Nam, where the factory where Samsung would be supposedly making the Galaxy S8 is the Korean company is planning to produce 4.7 million devices during this month while throughout the month of April, already in full production, it would manufacture 7.8 million units to try to meet the needs of users , users who are very eager to see all the innovations that will bring the next ship Korean company logo.

What does not specify the web are units which manufacture each model, if finally confirmed that Samsung will launch the S8’s 5.8 inches and model S8 + 6.2 inches. These figures would confirm that Samsung wants to bring to market as soon as possible its terminal, due to the delay of his presentation, which should have been produced within the framework of the MWC in Barcelona days back like the last few years. What is clear and confirmed by Samsung is that on March 29 in New York, the company will present officially the S8 Galaxy and Galaxy S8 +, in addition to providing the exact dates of release and availability.

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