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The sale of watches smart continues descending

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Is true that are in a time complicated with regard to the sales of watches smart and that them own manufacturers not have released new models except Apple, but the descent of the 51.6% of them sales in this year in comparison with the same period of the last year 2015, is really high for a gadget that personally think that brings a plus of functions to them smartphones current.

This obviously have to measure it to is not the same to buy a Samsung S2 Gear, an Apple Watch or even a Pebble, than other wearables from other brands that may not be as functional. Either way the decline in sales is evident and this is also because of the manufacturers that seems to have a bit of side these devices dress.

In the case of Apple their Apple Watch sales figures have not declined as much as other companies, but these figures that show the third quarter Business Wire, are quite devastatings from the 5.6 million devices sold 2.7 million. On the other hand in the case of Apple there is no official figures since the company has not released them from the clock is put on sale, but the estimates are made for product shipments.

Also is true that the new Gear of Samsung not has been released to them new models of Pebble, the Apple Watch Series 2 nor has arrived in time for meter is in these figures but in general seems that these devices not just of boot all. And you, do you have a smart watch?

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