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The Samsung device with flexible display goes to beginning of 2017

Samsung pantalla flexible

Versions of the high-end Samsung edge proposed another way to smartphone which we have been accustomed since some time ago. A curved sides that allow even unique capabilities to access notifications or information. The move with the screens edge has come out very well to Samsung and this is same so it is testing with other experiments.

From 2013 CES, where he presented the technology of flexible displays, have come rumors about the possible launch of a terminal with this capability. Now it is suggested that you for principles of 2017, Samsung would be prepared to launch a device that would have the ability to transform from a 5 inch phone screen to move to one 8-inch as if it were a tablet.

Devices that would use diodes that emit light organic could be unveiled at the beginning of 2017, and the source, when it was asked for more details, said that it did not have more and that he wanted to stay in the shade. Model of Samsung that launch is you has referred to as “Project Valley” and would have the ability to transform from a Mobile 5-inch to a tablet of 8 inches thanks to this special screen.

It is not the first time that any Project Valley-related news, has been previous rumours already arrived last year. You must also cite that this smartphone that would be revealed at MWC it would not be the first to have the flexible AMOLED display, Samsung uses technology in the existing model edge. The difference is that the screen edge is solid, while the Project Valley is malleable.

This type of smartphone come with their own series, since not we imagine, still, a Galaxy S that had the ability to become a smartphone to a tablet.

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