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The Samsung Galaxy Note repaired 7 will begin selling in June


We have some news that we have been commenting and more after that South Korean own communicated officially to the millions of devices that have on their ships would circulate through the hands of users willing to buy a fully repaired 7 Note. In this sense problems that could cause to Samsung if it failed to be a market for these devices, including some environmental, but now already known something good since that were several seems to us that the company will begin to sell these devices fully repaired in June.

So you have some sources close to the company the start of sales in June would begin in South Korea and it is not known if it will end up spreading to other countries, but what seems certain is that United States not sell This Samsung Galaxy Note that will add a smaller battery and $ 250 discount on the price. We imagine that this discount will be on the 7th Note initial value, since there is no specific price data for the moment but it is estimated that it would cost about $620.

Undoubtedly are facing a rather funny news if we take into account that the release or presentation of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is also quite close to. With this we want to think that it is very possible that new Galaxy Note 8 released a little earlier and the users of the Korean country do not have to choose between the new model or a Note 7 restored with a succulent discount in the price. We will see what’s true in all this and if finally the two Note, the restored 7 and 8 come one behind the other.

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