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The Samsung Galaxy S8, could arise on April 18

Samsung Galaxy S8

And we continue talking about the next flagship of the Korean company Samsung. I told you yesterday to the new terminals from the company could make use of the batteries that had previously designed to Note 7, but in addition I also showed the first image, or so-called image, of as it could be the next Galaxy S8 of the Korean, terminal company which plays a lot after the failure suffered by the company with the launch of Galaxy Note 7 , a terminal that despite having been withdrawn from the market, it seems that it has not affected much to the company’s results.

Although today they are still missing a few months and the company has not announced officially the date of presentation of the S8 in New York, we again have to echo the rumors that they point to possible dates. This date would be April 18, a date that would confirm the delay in the launch of this terminal, so if anyone had any doubts about his presentation at MWC that takes place in Barcelona at the end of February, would confirm it so that there is no hope to see the terminal before that date physically.

In this way, it is unlikely that the rumors that they pointed to that Samsung may partially have this terminal at MWC, something illogical in the technology sector and especially Samsung being the main interested party, is almost impossible. At the moment it seems practically confirmed is that the ratio of screen will be 90% of the front of the device, as we show in the so-called first official image of the terminal. On the other hand, it is rumored that Samsung could implement a screen with 4k resolution, to provide a greater sense of inversive when it makes use of the glasses VR Gear, although it would be counterproductive for the consumption of the battery.

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