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The Samsung Galaxy S8 no physical button?


There are many rumors that we are seeing today on the next flagship of the South Korean company Samsung, the Galaxy S8. This new device that supposedly has to see the light in the event of Barcelona from the coming year Mobile World Congress 2017, could eliminate the physical button from the front to not have button. Some media say even that you will lose the 3.5 mm headphone jack and also refers to the new Samsung Exynos processors, but now let’s focus on the possibility that add no physical button on the front panel, which they say will have 4 K resolution.

We have to note that this is not new among the many rumors that run on the next Samsung device, but it is clear that it would be a major change in the design of it and especially in the use that we will have with him. Think that we now interact with the buttons for most of the tasks in the terminals, but if this disappears in the purest style of the new Xiaomi 5s or even how seems to have also thought Apple do with its next iPhone, they will have to use a system which us a feedback to the touch.

Eliminate physical buttons gives us advantages and disadvantages to this day. It is best for issues of durability and damage caused by the use, but it is worse to “find place” where the button is located or simply when we get Pocket not pressed unintentionally in this place where the sensor of traces, etc. In reality this is a rumor and not say that it is something confirmed, but seems that the way of the physical buttons is coming to an end.

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