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The Samsung Galaxy S8 poses before the camera again, and now with a lot detail

A new week and the date of presentation of the new battle of Samsung seahorse approaches more and more. The appointment of March 29 in New York is upon us, as also leaks that are already leaving little room for surprise.

The first thing that we have is a video very short but complier showing team for all its angles.

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Continues to be ironic that back to appreciate a sticker with the message: “confidential (unauthorised use is prohibited) pictures are not allowed.” It should not be sold. Do not filter information”. It appears that our colleague ignored the warnings.

On the other hand, these photos obtained by the portal Techtastic already give us confirmation of how the team, including that controversial button recognition finger in the back near the camera.


In regards to the front, seems to be that the aspect ratio would also be 2:1, as the LG G6. In addition, we can see a new pattern of always on display display.

s8 leak

If you still have a hunger for more, here we can appreciate it in a sort of white ceramic and posing next to a ruler. This confirms that the equipment does not exceed much in size to its earlier versions S7 and S7 Edge.


With respect to the design, we believe that there are no doubts to clear, but anyway we will be covering the event from March 29 to bring you all the news about the new Samsung team.

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