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The Samsung Galaxy S8 will integrate an optical fingerprint sensor


As is goes approaching the alleged date of presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S8, planned for the Mobile World Congress, that is celebrates to end of the month of February of 2017, each time is more the information that is going filtering on them possible specifications of this new terminal. Go closer the date of filing all rumors will be charging sense either be discarded, but what is certain is that you rumors and leaks are going to have a good number, and from news Gadget go echoing us of them. The last rumor related to the Samsung Galaxy S8 points that the fingerprint sensor could be optical.

Currently fingerprint sensors detect basically the relief of fingerprints, to be able to identify the rightful owner and to allow access to the information. These sensors is made up of tiny capacitors that exchanged electrical charges when placed your finger on it to check if the toe relief corresponds with which it is stored in the terminal. Fingerprint information is stored solely in the device, do not leave the device and also that information is encoded in such a way that neither open the terminal you can access it.

But Samsung wants to go a little further and with the S8 Galaxy wants to use a sensor that receives information from the tracks through a light reflected on them. The advantage of this sensor is it se it can be placed under a layer of glass which would enable the removal of the Start button of the terminal and expand the space for the display. He next iPhone 8, seems that the 7s is it chip, also will integrate a sensor of traces of this type, what would offer also the possibility of to reduce the frame of the screen, something that always is you has criticized much to Apple.

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