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The Samsung Galaxy S8 will take the processor Exynos 8895 and the Mali-G71


While Samsung did not want to reveal officially its new phablet or rather its new flagship, the truth is that the information about the new Samsung Galaxy S8 not stop flowing and surprise users.

It last that we have known about the new mobile of Samsung is the processor and GPU that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will take. The new phablet takes the processor Exynos 8895, a processor that has high speeds, but which will remain 10 nm technology, technology already used by other brands of processors such as Mediatek. What if we ignore is the speed thus determined as if it is a processor core eight or ten cores. But if we know that such processor shall be accompanied by a pretty powerful GPU, possibly the most powerful in the market. We refer to The Mali-G71, a new version of the most famous GPU which will not only increase performance in 1.8 times but also it will be more powerful than the own Adreno 530.

The Mali-G71 new accompanying Exynos 8895 confirms the 4K resolution

This Mali-G71 not only will be more efficient energy but also will offer large resolutions and the possibility of resolution 4 K of way native. Something that not only is interesting for them users but fits with them information that have of the mobile because is spoke of a screen with resolution 4 K, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S8 will offer resolution 4 K e even will be compatible or one of them terminals that improve the experience VR and the use of the platform Daydream.

However, the more interesting issue is not mentioned nor in leaks or in the roles of Samsung, i.e. not spoken If such power will have adequate cooling, something that we were always of course but that in Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has not gone as well and is one of the serious problems that Samsung has to face even more than the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 hardware do not you think?

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