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The screen blue of the death again in form of scam as malware

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There are many users who have suffered throughout his life the blue screen of death, that screen displayed randomly on our Windows PC when we were doing some important task that we had unfortunately not recorded previously and that automatically generated computer restart unable to do absolutely nothing to prevent it. Not even Bill Gates was fought on this screen when it officially launched Windows 98. Fortunately this screen, just keep appearing in the latest versions of Windows that Microsoft has released to the market, but to keep it live in the memory a group of hackers it is taking advantage of it.


The use that you are giving to this screen is it’s make scams online. The user, who has previously been infected by malware Hicurdismos.A, look like on your computer screen a screen similar to the image above, modified and adding a phone number you must call to solve the problem. That if, there are that have the card of credit by hand. To treat of make it more real possible, this malware disables both the mouse as the administrator of tasks to prevent that try of close the window. Is all thought.

This malware can reach our computer camouflaged as if it were Microsoft Security Essentials. It should bear in mind that from Windows 8 Microsoft integrates this antivirus natively, so you don’t have to do any warning messages informing that we are vulnerable and that they give us to download this application.

To prevent any contagion not only of this but of any malware, there are that make case to them messages of safety that us shows Windows whenever downloaded a file. In them is us advises if the developer is of confidence or if by the opposite not has been verified. Also there are that have in has of where we downloaded the file in question. If the web site is known there should be no problem. However if you have downloaded from the web pages of links already we go deleting us it.

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