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The screen of the Galaxy S8 will occupy practically all the front of the terminal

Galaxy s7 edge

Rumors, rumors are, may be certain or not, but there are a large number of users if that like to be aware of all the information related to your favorite brand or with the next terminal that plans to acquire. While is true that them rumors that surround to the iPhone 8 still are very away from to is confirm, since its launch is planned for within a year, September of 2017, them rumors that surround to the Galaxy S8, are more credible, taking in has that your presentation is expected in the frame of the Mobile World Congress that is held in Barcelona to end of the month of February of the year that comes.

A few days ago talking about my mix, the new terminal of Xiaomi offered us, according to render that presented a screen that covers almost all the front of the terminal, but that is not really so, already has frames, although very fine, aren’t really as Xiaomi had advertised. Samsung for a couple of years, is offering the alternative Edge, a terminal with the curved glass on both sides, curve that could extend to the top of the terminal and can thus obtain a ratio of 90% screen.

Currently the average ratio of screen in most terminals is approaching 80%, but everything seems to indicate that this ratio in the coming year will considerably expand and the S8 Samsung seems to be one of the first handsets to reach the market, offering really a screen without frames at the sides and at the top of the screen , something that Xiaomi almost succeeds with the my Mix. This information is extracted from the statements of one of the engineers of the division of Samsung screen that says that the Korean company will launch to market the coming year a terminal with a panel that will keep aspect ratio of 90% on the front.

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