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The share of Windows 7 low of the 40%, Windows 10 continues to rise


Makes almost a month that them boys of Redmond left of offer of form free license of Windows 10 to all those users that would like to update their versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8.x to the last version of the system operating for PC. In addition to step it used to launch the first major annual update that the company will be launching every year, as if it were a new version of the operating system. During the year that has state available for your download of form free, Windows 10 has gone expanding the number of PC where is is available without hurry but without pause, despite them maneuvers dirty of them boys of Redmond, almost forcing to the users to update is without know it.

According to the firm StatCounter, who is in charge of measure the use of them different systems operating, Windows 7 just of lower of the 40%. It is clear that people are not stupid and he has taken advantage of the offering presented him with Microsoft in which offered a free license if it is updated before 29 July last. The last few months before the end of this promotion Windows 7 quietly enjoyed a greater than 50% share, but in the latter, have been many users, especially those of the Steam platform, those who have chosen to update thanks to the advantages offered by Windows 10 against Windows 7.

As is logical it part of quota that has gone missing Windows 7 it has recovered Windows 10. Ethird position is in possession of OS X with a 9.87% close Windows 8.1 with the 8.36%. Windows XP, despite not having any kind of support, is still present in 5.85% of computers, although most of them with corporate or public institutions that have been forced to hire extra support Microsoft to be able to continue working with them without security risk.

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