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The smartphone’s Andy Rubin will be managed by Android

A few days ago leaked a picture of what would supposedly be the first smartphone of Andy Rubin, a terminal that only had heard rumors and that us shown as the top of the same hardly has frames, the style of Xiaomi my MIX. Everything what surrounds this project held in secret, but it seems that they have slowly begun to leak some details. One of the most secretly kept had to do with the operating system that you manage this device, an operating system that according to Eric Schmdt (CEO of Alphabet) has confirmed via a tweet, will be Android.

Andy Rubin, co-founder of Google, left the company a few years ago and it was not clear that Android would be your operating system, but obviously if you want to succeed in the market, the safe bet is Android, Tizen or other operating systems just have market share. At the moment we do not know when your arrival to the market is expected, but taking into account that this project takes quite some time pondering is the Essential project should not take long to see the light.

Nor do we know If the version of Android will be pure either will have a layer of personalization, rather unlikely if the new project of Andy Rubin wants to get a good start in the market. Nor do we know the price that could reach the market, but if you don’t want that that pass you the same to Google with the Pixel, this should not be very high. The distribution system is also another problem that will face this new device, unless the idea of Andy Rubin is to initially offer this new device in the United States, something that should not surprise us.

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