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The smartwatch with Android Wear are not linked with the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus


From makes little more than one year, Google allows to them users of iPhone power makes use of them terminals with Android Wear although due to them limitations of iOS of form limited since the interaction only is performed in an address, except with the music, where if can control the terminal for upload or lower the volume and pass of song. But not only can make use of devices based on Android Wear, but also can link them terminals Pebble, them first smartwatches that came to the market and that is developed in success, success that not have known keep.


There are many users who are voicing their concern and discomfort to see as there is no way to link the iPhone 7 with its terminal managed by Android Wear. Until the moment, all them terminals with iOS 10 is could link without any type of problem with a smartwatch with the system operating Android Wear, but after the launch of the iPhone 7, none of these models has could link is with the new iPhone. In Google, they claim that they do not know what can be the problem but say they are working on finding the problem to inform Apple so that it solves the problem.

According to Google any model of bike 360 1st and 2nd generation, LG Watch, Asus Zenwatch 1 and 2, Fossil, Michael Koors and Tag Heuer has achieved link is with the iPhone. The application is is waiting for a confirmation of the terminal that never arrives and the forums of Android Wear is are filling of consultations of people that is of search a solution to the problem, solution that of time not exists. If is a problem of software, quickly Apple can solve this problem by launching a update. However if we are talking about a problem of hardware problem could be greater.

But them smartwatch based in Android Wear not are them unique terminals that are having problems to connect is to the iPhone 7, since some manufacturers of vehicles also are experiencing problems at the time of match them new models of iPhone with their vehicles, what seems to indicate that the problem resides in the version of bluetooth that used the iPhone 7 , problem that should be solved with an update, since otherwise it could be a big problem for the company headquartered in Cupertino.

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