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The Surface Book i7 is the second generation of the Surface Book


At the Conference in which Microsoft has introduced new devices that the guys from Redmond, in addition to the spectacular SurfaceStudio AOI, will arrive on the market soon, has also presented the second generation of the Surface Book, to which have been added the tagline i7. Logically this tagline is motivated to distinguish it from the previous model as inside we find the processor Core i7 Intel Skylake, which according to the manufacturer, offering twice the graphical power than the model from the previous year, model that certainly never came to Spain or to many other countries.

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The display of this second generation Surface Book offers us a solution of 3,000 x 2,000, the same as the first generation model. The design is almost the same except on the inside where it has had to add a second fan in order to improve the cooling of the processor especially when we perform editing tasks.

It has also improved the battery life since the Surface Book i7 is able to work without having to be recharged for 16 hours. This new Surface Book hit the market in November from 2,400 dollars. While it is true that you may escape many pockets, must be taken into account that this laptop is also a tablet, which gives one much greater especially if versatility our needs with power and portability in every day.

Microsoft has not provided information about the different configuration options that will provide us with the second generation of the Surface Book model that Spain was never available to or in Latin America, so we can inform us about storage capacities nor the amount of RAM memory that the team will be managed.

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