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The Surface Phone is seen in an image filtered with a Touch Cover case

Surface Phone

10 Windows Mobile and Microsoft mobile devices continues losing market share, but it seems that Redmond’s don’t give up and continue to work on the development of the Surface Phone. This smartphone, which could see the light on the market in the first weeks of next year 2017, would be very similar as far as design is concerned with the successful Surface.

Since some time we could hear and read different rumors about this new device from Microsoft, but that will occur in an official way. However it now seems that the thing is different and is that we still know pretty interesting information, and also in the last few hours we have seen to the terminal in a new filtered image.

In this image you can see Headlining this article can see the Surface Phone, with one official covers that Microsoft could launch to the market. The image allows us to see the design of the device, but also its USB type-c, your camera with a dual module connector LED flash, as well as the headphone connector that will be placed at the top.

Currently Microsoft has confirmed any official on the Surface Phone information, although if confirmed already sometime that this device exists, that is in development and that sooner or later will be released on the market. That Yes, hope sooner that later since the company which runs Stya Nadella needs a major boost in the mobile telephony market.

Do you think that the Surface Phone will serve to regain the initiative at Microsoft in the mobile telephony market?.

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