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The Surface Studio runs in all its versions just four days after arriving in the market

Surface Studio

One of the stars of the event that a few days ago Microsoft held, was without a doubt the SurfaceStudio, interesting PC, with an enormous power and a price that not heralded the success that is already having on the market at the moment. And is that the company which runs Satya Nadella has been reported in the last hours that its new device is depleted, in all its versions.

Microsoft has not specified how many units have been sold of the new Surface Studio, but considering their price ranges between the 2.999 and 4.199 dollars, there is no doubt that being a resounding success.

That Yes, that nobody is make illusions with power see a Sruface Studio in them next days and is that while them of Redmond have announced that their device is has exhausted in his store official, them users that it have acquired not will begin to receive it until the next 2017, in a date that of time is unknown and that possibly is will give to know more soon that afternoon.

Of time seems that to Microsoft it played of launch a Surface of desktop you has come out round, in others reasons by it rather than it has made at the time of design it and of providing it of a power tremendously large. Now only know when to return the stock to the Microsoft Store and know what was the initial stock of the device we, and it’s not the same than the stock million units, to make it two dozen.

Would think that the success of the Surface Studio is real or that so only is is of a campaign advertising of Microsoft to continue arousing interest?.

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