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The tax agency registers the Google offices in Madrid


The Tax agency closely monitors the accounts and the financial statements of the majority of companies that are based in Spain and seems that today has come the turn of Google. And is that as we learned several members of lto the Spanish Treasury is recording the two that the giant search engine has in Spain.

In particular records are made in offices that Google has in the Torre Picasso and its Madrid Campus. The investigation focuses on fraud and tax evasion, which is supposedly related to the payment of the VAT and the tax for non-residents.

All of this information at the moment is not official or confirmed, but as he publishes the world, comes from sources very close to the investigation.

Google, as it often happens on almost all occasions, not been slow to face and they have told various media that; We comply with the tax legislation in Spain as well as in all countries in which we operate. We are cooperating with the authorities in Spain to answer all of your questions, as always”.

We’ll see how just the registration of offices of Google in Spain, but it seems that the search giant did not escape the problems with finance and is that we must not forget that not so long ago already was in trouble with the French tax agency, also conducted different records of the offices of Google in Paris.

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