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The Toyota company would be interested in buying Google’s Boston Dynamics


From the Alphabet was born there are many the news talking about the uncertain future than Boston Dynamics in Google. This ended with a staging for sale by Alphabet after failing to find any results or benefit of the company.

Currently there are many who would be willing to buy Boston Dynamics, but no company dares to confirm the purchase. Several sources related to the Toyota company claim that it would be dealing with Google to buy this company of Robotics. So within several weeks the purchase of Boston Dynamics by Toyota could announce officially.

Apparently several sources indicate that the interest of Toyota by Boston Dynamics would come from the simple fact that several past Boston Dynamics would be now working at Toyota. Even so, if you buy or not buy Toyota robotics company, the problem is customers of Boston Dynamics. So far the robotics company only has as clients military companies seeking military robots, while Google wants to manufacture and create robots for the home, there is the problem between Google and Boston Dynamics and may be present in other companies such as Toyota.

Toyota would have in their ranks to former Boston Dynamics

In any case it seems that Boston Dynamics has the days counted on Google and even if both sides are happy, the truth is that both companies will possibly regret in a not-very-near future. The military market is a very rich but also very small, market while Google get rid of a robotics company could lose a big market for the future, as it seems to indicate the maker world currently.

Personally I think that Boston Dynamics will be sold to another company, possibly to Toyota if you are really interested in it, but I don’t think it’s one good action for Boston Dynamics as for Google. Despite all of this, it seems that the only way out who want to both companies is sale.

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