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The United States Congressmen changed their Blackberry by a Galaxy S6 and iPhone is

Blackberrys de congresistas
Although Balckberry is taking out new products with Android, truth is that the company is in the doldrums, reason by which the large United States agents will no longer trade with them or at least distribute smartphones of the brand in special areas such as the United States Government. So Verizon and AT & T have stated that they will no longer provide Blackberry devices to the Government of the United States, especially to the congressmen who made use of the latest models of Blackberry such as the Q10 or the Z10. This change will be significant and special as the phones of RIM carry more than one decade ruling by the Congress of United States, even by the House white. However, now they have to change and will do so by an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy S6 is. Apparently the companies will give these alternative to them congressmen, some alternative interesting because not leave of be outdated according to the market, going what try to not have.

The iPhone to be the alternative iOS to the former congressmen Blackberry

He Blackberry I is an ecosystem that is is being obsolete and also makes years that not has devices new, by what this has provoked the decision of authorities of the Government of United States to accept this change, but the iPhone is not is a device very powerful or updated that say and the Samsung Galaxy S6 is another smartphone that inside the world Android is is being outdated Although its power still makes it ideal for many operations and functions, like talking on the phone or write an email. Hope that them functions that were interesting to Blackberry you, your long autonomy, its keyboard physical and their options for it Messaging Instant and safe is can keep in these new terminals.

So finally, after much fighting, President Obama may return to their beloved iPhone, but it is something that was going to be soon as will have to leave the White House in the coming weeks.

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