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The US Army launches a weapon laser capable of destroying small aircraft

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For quite some time since Boeing developed a laser with enough cannon to shoot down drones. After all this time have been many them companies that have state investigating and developing this technology to improve in all it possible as can be the case of General Dynamics Land Systems that just of present a new weapon laser more powerful, with capacity even to shoot down aircraft small and fold white land.

As expected, the United States Army and a kind of armored transportation is testing these new systems in their Stryker, basically. This new weapon is suitable for the military to defend against specific attacks enemies already, as reported, by the time your power is insufficient to be able to attack those missiles and mortars in front of the fire.

General Dynamics Land Systems has been responsible for developing this new weapon laser for the United States Army.

As is has informed, during them evidence definitive made to this weapon to end of the last month of April, the same got fold with a precision surprising, thanks to integrate systems such as sensors of movement, systems of interference of war electronic and signals of GPS, to 21 of them 23 objectives to which was confronted.

According to the words of Mary Miller, Assistant Secretary for research and technology in General Dynamics Land Systems:

Death laser trip is very cheap when the alternative is sending a missile of several million dollars.

To increase the power of the weapon is updated the subsystems of support of temperature and power for support to them each time more powerful lasers of State solid. These enhancements increase the scope and the necessary reduction of time.

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