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The VR PlayStation turn out to be a success that not even Sony expected

PlayStation VR

Last year was that many companies chose to bet on Virtual reality, in fact, here have used on occasion to speak of quite interesting alternative and low-cost as the VR Glasses of Wolder. However, in the first division of this genre play companies like Sony, which has become the main asset of this new format of video games their glasses of Virtual reality for the PlayStation 4. In fact, sales statistics are surprising even to the Japanese company, scoring an important both on companies that promised to dominate this theme like Facebook and HTC.

Notably, the first important data, is that they have sold around 915.000 units of the PlayStation VR. It is true that this represents less than 5% of the total number of units of PlayStation 4, nothing less than 53.4 million in total, but they are not or far bad figures when compared with its direct competition, the Oculus Rift, which stayed below 250,000 units, or the HTC lives, that barely reached half a million sold devices. It is without doubt the clear exposition that Sony has been dominating the world of videogame made entertainment.

Perhaps the first decisive aspect is the price, HTC lives and Oculus Rift cost half double as the PlayStation sunglasses, and if add you the support of developers with more than 100 compatible titulso and those who are coming, make the alternative of Sony preferred users. The reality is that it is difficult to compete even with less than 5% of users of PlayStation 4, the best-selling next-generation platform and that it continues to reap records today. In short, Sony has been the Oscar of the Virtual reality.

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