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The watchOS 3 is already being tested by employees of Apple

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We have already mentioned on several occasions that the 2016 WWDC presented what will be the following versions of the operating systems of products which currently has the market of bite Apple. In this article return to the attack with more news about the future watchOS 3, the operating system that will the current Apple Watch gross benefits and work much but much faster.

The fact is that Apple has been sending an internal circular that dares to workers of the company moving in wheelchair to use Apple Watch with the 3 watchOS and thus polishing the new system that will allow that the application activity to work swimmingly in this situation.

Not many years ago, when Apple began developing Apple Watch we knew that they had secret gyms that were actual tests with certain selected employees and software engineers. Thus was conceived the first and very green version of the watchOS. However, now that it is already in the market watch, Apple has decided to make your product evolves more quickly should be all workers who make use of the new features of what will be the watchOS 3, which primarily has to do with the displacement in a wheelchair.

The last Keynote presented many novelties of this new system, but one that more importance was given was for the implementation of this new feature that would make it possible to quantify the calories you will be spending a person who is in a wheelchair, in addition to being able to manage exercises. All this has been possible thanks to the collaboration of the Lakeshore Foundation and the Challenged Athletes Foundation and is that Apple provided more than 300 users that performed more than 3,000 hours of testing to be able to generate data for the new features of the watchOS 3.

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