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The YouTube mobile app will offer soon on live streaming


If we looked for the perfect service to offer streaming in real-time, surely many might say that YouTube, to be the biggest platform for videos on the planet, is perfect for this. We can also say that they were already taking time to offer this capability from the YouTube mobile app, and it has been in today.

Today same YouTube has announced that soon will be live streaming from the same application. A very interesting novelty for this major video platform offering the option from the mobile version so that anyone can take their phone’s camera and can perform a retransmission live what happens where is.

The same process is quite simple, because once you’re on the YouTube app, you’ll see a Red capture button in the corner of the screen. Clicking in, takes an image or select one of the captured to put it as an image in tiny and begin to carry out the live streaming. When you are done for the relay, the stream will be saved in the same way that your videos are loaded to the YouTube web site.

Great news for a service from YouTube which already has been offering this capability from different phones as they were some Sony or the own S7 Galaxy edge. The best of this incorporation is that is under the protection of the own YouTube, to which many are accustomed to follow events live from YouTube and that soon we can follow those of our friends and family.

Update with this capability will soon come to the mobile version of YouTube, so it only remains to wait a bit to get all the power from your mobile. Also it remains to be seen how the news is taken up Periscope and Facebook Live, two services that until now remained as predominant and which are updated periodically, as happened two weeks ago.

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